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The frequently-touched surfaces in businesses that MUST be cleaned to stop the spread of Covid-19 by Kerrie Johns

Posted on Aug 5, 2020

Qualitech Environmental Services is a deep cleaning company for Covid-19 that has been cleansing all these kind of places to the highest standards expected by the Health and Safety Executive and now with the Government’s scheme enticing people back into pubs and restaurants Qualitech’s expertise is more important than ever.

Restaurants, pubs, offices and other commercial premises are all re-opening but with the coronavirus crisis remaining so volatile it’s vital that cleansing to prevent the spread of covid-19 is carried out by deep-cleaning experts.

The Eat To Help Out scheme has just started and runs throughout August giving diners half-price meals up to the value of £10-a-head every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday which is sure to bring many more customers through the doors and with it the potential threat of Covid -19. People don’t even need vouchers – they just go to a restaurant registered on the scheme and pay the bargain prices. To find restaurants near you simply go to

Qualitech director Matthew Dodd said: “Customers are expected to flock back and the business owners must protect both them and their employees from harm. This clearly includes taking reasonable steps to protect everyone from coronavirus and that’s why we are here to help to provide an industry-leading standard of deep-cleaning services. An outbreak of Covid-19 at a business can have a devastating impact on it.”

Coronavirus can transfer from people to surfaces and can then contaminate people who touch the same surfaces which is why the correct deep cleaning procedure is all-important.

So here is the official HSE advice on the frequently-touched surfaces that should be deep cleaned.

  • Work surfaces like desks and workstations.
  • Handles on doors, windows, rails, dispensers and water coolers.
  • Common areas like toilets, reception, changing rooms, corridors and lifts. 
  • Vehicle steering wheels, handles, seat belts and internal surfaces.
  • Control panels for machinery, control pads and switches.
  • Computer keyboards, printers, touch screens, monitors and phones.
  • Taps, kettles, water heaters, fridges, microwaves and cupboards.
  • Shared equipment like tools, machines, vehicles, pallet trucks and delivery boxes.


Matthew added: “We are finding that businesses are looking for advice and practical help on deep-cleaning and it’s important Covid-19 contractors have the correct PPE equipment. Qualitech can take all this pressure and responsibility off them.”

The HSE also has advice on how to reduce people’s contact with surfaces such as:

  • Allocating specific work areas or vehicles to specific people.
  • Close off spare workstations and put away items are that you don’t have to leave available for use.
  • Prop open doors to avoid the need to touch handles (excluding fire doors or other doors that must be kept closed).
  • If possible fit automatic sensor operated doors or foot plates to doors so they can be opened with feet rather than hands.
  • Give door hooks to workers so they don’t have to touch handles. 
  • Talk to all your workers and encourage them to co-operate with cleaners. They can make sure that surfaces are left clear at the end of the day so that deep cleaning can be done more effectively. Papers or items left on surfaces might make cleaning less effective.


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