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Qualitech's Latest Industrial News

Mon 24 Feb 2020

Qualitech tankers are smart on the outside … and there’s some smart technology on the inside too

by Kerrie Johns

We reckon Qualitech has the smartest tanker fleet on the UK’s roads … and there’s lots of high technology that goes into our lorries too.

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Mon 20 Jan 2020

Why is industrial tank cleaning so dangerous?

by Kerrie Johns

Cleaning industrial tanks is fraught with danger and the very real risk of tragedy. That’s why it’s vital industrial tanks must be cleaned thoroughly and regularly by companies with the right equipment, training and expertise. It’s something you must never take a chance with – and there are sad examples where companies have tried to clean their own tanks only for it to end in disaster.

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Wed 04 Sep 2019

North East Depot is Operational

by Qualitech

Our new depot in Hartlepool goes live.

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