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D-Max Mobile Screening Unit

D:MAX is a mobile screening & classification system which efficiently removes grit, rag and other troublesome solids from your waste stream.

  • Reduction in waste to landfill and reduced transport cost.
  • Rapid deployment
  • Grit can be recycled into aggregate industry
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D-Max by CDE is a proven mobile screening unit.

The D-Max reduces the volume of waste reducing transport and landfill costs.

Because the D-Max is mobile it can be taken to the source of the waste generation therefore reducing the need for waste transportation for processing off site.

The screened waste rag, grit and undesirable solids in a waste stream are separated in the D-Max and the separated streams are recycled or landfilled. 

The D-Max is ideal for digester sludges from anaerobic digestion plants.

The water from the process can be recycled to keep waste disposal costs to a minimum.

The video showing the D-Max in operation can be seen by clicking the link here.






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