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We make sludge removal a piece of cake!

Sludge is the solid, semisolid, or slurry residual material that is produced as a by-product of wastewater treatment processes.  Qualitech is one of the best sludge removal companies in the UK and Europe.

Our massive filter press is ideal for lagoon sludge removal or industrial dewatering  on a huge scale … but we can also remove water from smaller residential developments too.

Qualitech Environmental Services has the largest mobile filter press in Europe which is ideal for dewatering on construction sites, some on vast industrial sites.


Water build-up on any construction site can severely delay projects costing both time and money and it needs experts to remove it in as environmentally-friendly a manner as possible which can often save the clients countless hours and high transport costs.

As experts in this for many years we have seen a vast range of different scenarios and that in-depth experience is vital in drawing up plans for sludge dewatering on each and every site which calls on our services.

The filter press combined with Qualitech's unrivalled expertise in sludge removal, sludge dewatering, lagoon sludge removal, construction dewatering, tank sludge cleaning and tank sludge removal makes us the number one choice for these highly specialised services.

Trying to transport sludge heavy with water will always be a difficult and expensive task so dewatering can cut the costs significantly. It means that once the dewatering process is complete only the solids that remain will need removing.

Construction sites can be deluged by water in several ways ranging from heavy downpours to burst pipes and water appearing naturally as part of the construction process disturbing the ground. It can be a particular problem when construction work is being carried out on a slope.

Most sites need  dewatering at some point which is why they turn to us to sort the issue quickly and effectively using specialist equipment and highly trained staff. Without prompt help the excess water could slow the work down, damage the site and even lead to health and safety concerns.

We’ll come out, survey the site and let you know just what is involved to ensure the industrial dewatering is done as cost-effectively as possible, considering if the liquid left from the sludge dewatering process or even the solids can be reused on-site to save the considerable costs and environmental impact of transporting them away.

Every job is different from small residential developments up to huge and sometimes complex commercial and industrial construction sites. This is why we pride ourselves on the bespoke industrial dewatering service we can give which is always in close consultation with our clients, explaining what will happen and why every step of the way. We will always be looking to maximise cost-savings wherever we can.

Our filter press is the largest in Europe and this factfile reveals just how it works to make sludge dewatering as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

  • The Qualitech filter press deals with 5,400 litres of sludge every hour.
  • It produces up to 7,000kg of sludge cake per hour.
  • The cake made from the sludge dewatering process consists of up to 85% of solids.
  • The filter press is coupled with its own plant room, office and mess which means staff can constantly monitor the sludge dewatering process from start to finish.
  • The plant room has its own 140kVA generator which is enough to power the filter press's dewatering and sludge removal processes and provide power for extra lighting for the operational area if needed.
  • The batch tank for the press has a 3mm pre-screen and a working capacity of 35m³.
  • The press filter has a 40 minute sludge dewatering cycle time and its specifications are 10m long, 3.87m wide; 5.77m tall when it in operational mode; 3.2m tall when in transport mode; 15 bar and a 3,586 litre capacity.

Dewatering is just one of the many highly specialised services offered by Qualitech Environmental Services. For more information on sludge dewatering, lagoon sludge removal, construction dewatering, tank sludge cleaning or removal or any of our other services then please contact us on 01942 277277 (northern UK) or 01633 252642 (southern UK).


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"Our vessel has suffered from about 18 months of neglect and was well overdue a clean. As you can see from the 'Before' photo, the vessel was literally full of sludge that just poured out when the manway was removed and your lads, ever the professionals, cleaned the tank out and all the sludge from the floor, leaving us with nothing but praise for their work." - P.Hawes 

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