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Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning and passivation

  • Non-man entry cleaning
  • De-scaling of boilers and linework for inspection
  • Bundle cleaning for inspection
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  • In service cleaning includes degreasing, acid and passivation stages on boilers and chemical plants. The furnace side of boilers can be cleaned using semi-automated high pressure water jetting with dilute sodium hydroxide before and after jetting to neutralise and dissolve any residual acid deposits left in the system being cleaned
  • Sodium Hydroxide washing on chemical plant vessels to remove/break down chemical deposits prior to ‘Hurricane’ vessel cleaning with high pressure water non man entry tank cleaning heads and spinners.
  • Citric and Hydrochloric Acid cleaning of pipework, pumping systems, cooling water jackets and boilers to remove hard water and iron oxide scale. For areas on a refinery where there is high sulphur levels leading to potential polythionic acid production then low chloride soda ash with corrosion inhibitor is circulated to neutralise the plant following the acid clean. Passivation can be undertaken with HF/Nitric Acids or Hydrogen Peroxide Solution as required.


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