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Qualitech offer top-of-the-line solutions to keep your tanks, vessels, and heat exchanger jackets free from contamination. Our team of experienced professionals is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to deliver exceptional chemical cleaning services.

Chemical cleaning of tanks, vessels and heat exchanger jackets is an effective way to remove contamination without the need for confined space entry or high-pressure water jetting.

Tanks and vessels can be degreased with chemical solutions to remove heavy or stubborn deposits prior to water washing.

An example of chemical cleaning is using a sodium hydroxide solution to degrease and remove oil from a storage tank. The oil might have to be fully removed if the tank is going to be used on a different material. The sodium hydroxide breaks down the oil deposits into an emulsion. The emulsion is then removed by tanker for disposal. The storage tank is then water washed to reduce the pH remove the alkalinity of the sodium hydroxide so the tank can be deemed clean and signed off for a change in product.

This cleaning cycle is completed without the need for personnel to enter the storage tank during cleaning.

Personnel enter the tank to carry out final tests on cleanliness and final drying before handover to the client.

Qualitech have the equipment to carry out high-pressure jetting of tanks and vessels either with personnel entry or using 3600 rotating heads.



  • Full UK coverage
  • Highly trained operatives


In service cleaning includes degreasing, acid and passivation stages on boilers and chemical plants. The furnace side of boilers can be cleaned using semi-automated high pressure water jetting with dilute sodium hydroxide before and after jetting to neutralise and dissolve any residual acid deposits left in the system being cleaned

Sodium Hydroxide washing on chemical plant vessels to remove/break down chemical deposits prior to ‘Hurricane’ vessel cleaning with high pressure water non man entry tank cleaning heads and spinners.

Citric and Hydrochloric Acid cleaning of pipework, pumping systems, cooling water jackets and boilers to remove hard water and iron oxide scale. For areas on a refinery where there is high sulphur levels leading to potential polythionic acid production then low chloride soda ash with corrosion inhibitor is circulated to neutralise the plant following the acid clean. Passivation can be undertaken with HF/Nitric Acids or Hydrogen Peroxide Solution as required.



  • Non-man entry cleaning
  • De-scaling of boilers and linework for inspection
  • Bundle cleaning for inspection

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