D:MAX - Mobile screening & classification system

D:MAX is a mobile screening & classification system which efficiently removes grit, rag and other troublesome solids from your waste stream.

The D:MAX is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly high-tech machine which saves our customers time and money.

This huge and completely self-contained mobile screening unit from Qualitech Environmental Services removes grit, rag and other solids from waste water and works to such a high specification that some of this waste can then be recycled.

Once on site it can be quickly up and running in around an hour and is ideal for removing waste and sludge from digester tanks, lagoons or ponds. The D:MAX is also the perfect mobile dewatering system for tank-cleaning, silt management, clearing wet wells, storm tanks, pumping stations and even dealing with food waste.

The D:MAX adds water to the waste going through it, shakes it, screens and separates it and then returns the water to the treatment process while filling skips with the separated material. The D:MAX mobile screening and classification system is so efficient it separates grit and screenings into two skips.

The grit, silt, sand, gravel, pebbles, stones and other mineral materials are separated into clean enough fractions to be used for recycling and the D:MAX technology is so efficient this can make up to 70% of the total waste. Dewatered grit can be classified as low hazard waste so can be recycled.

Here are the advantages of using the state-of-the-art D:MAX from Qualitech Environmental Services.

Saves money: The D:MAX drastically cuts down on the amount of waste going to landfill which will save on transport costs and landfill charges such as landfill tax. If you use the D:MAX from Qualitech Environmental Services you’ll see an immediate reduction in your disposal costs.




The DMax can process up to 120m3 per hour so it has an advantage over other separation technology like centrifuges and filter presses because it can separate large volumes of solids from an aqueous slurry.

Saves the environment: Far less waste going into landfill is clearly a greener choice and fewer lorry trips means far less harmful, toxic carbon dioxide is pumped into the environment. The water used during the process can be recycled.

Convenience: The D:MAX from Qualitech Environmental Services takes the service right to the customer so waste does not need to be taken to a processing centre.

Helps landfill: The D:MAX made by CDE dewaters waste material so efficiently that the waste that does go eventually to landfill is drier and so easier for disposal. This pre-treatment of waste is required by several landfill directives and the D:MAX exceeds all these standards.

Quality machinery: The D:MAX is built from top quality, hardwearing components as this is heavy duty machinery that needs to be built to last. The technology has been designed to deal with the toughest materials such as granite and iron ore. Important design features include high wear application screens, protective paint that meets WIMES (Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specification)standardand an ultra-resilient greasing system.

Self-powered: The D:MAX made by CDE is energy self-sufficient with an on-board generator that provides all the power it needs and ancillary equipment can even be plugged into it.

Flexible for slick operation: The telescopic product conveyor on the D:MAX has been designed so it can be deployed on either side of the machine so it can cope with any logistical challenges on the customer’s site.

Easily accessible: The D:MAX from Qualitech Environmental Services has sturdy walkways so technicians have quick, easy and safe access to the machinery on board. This is also really helpful for maintaining the D:MAX.

Quick set-up: The D:MAX’s quick release couplings, on-board generator, hydraulic extending walkways and telescopic product conveyor means it can be quickly deployed no matter what the constraints on the site.

Multiple safety features: Health and safety comes first on the CDE D:MAX which is why it has emergency stops, isolator systems, hydrostatic sensors, grabs, handrails, its own on-board power washer and walkways. It’s designed to give the operators the safest possible access.

Clever technology: The D:MAX’s variable speed drives save energy but also means it can adapt to deal with sudden surges of rags, grit and other materials or solids going through the process.

24-hour operation: The D:MAX has its own night lights so can be operated at night and in bad weather and the lights add to its already comprehensive health and safety credentials.

In terms of its technical specification the D:MAX weighs 26 tonnes and its working dimensions are 14.3m long, 4.3m wide and 4.7m high. These are reduced when it’s being transported anywhere and they are 13.7m long, 2.5m wide and 4m high.

To find out just how the CDE D:MAX operated by Qualitech Environmental Services can help your business please call us on 01942 277277 or email sales@qualitechservices.co.uk

The video showing the D-Max in operation can be seen by clicking the link here.



  • Reduction in waste to landfill and reduced transport cost.
  • Rapid deployment
  • Grit can be recycled into aggregate industry

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