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Dewatering - Sludge Removal

Dewatering - Sludge Removal

Waste reduction, sludge removal and processing

  • Reduction in volume.
  • Waste cost reduction
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How dewatering and sludge removal saves our customers time and money

Qualitech Environmental Services is leading the way when it comes to dewatering waste sludge, potentially saving our customers large sums of money while being environmentally friendly at the same time.

Dewatering sludge is a process that separates the liquid from the solids, reducing the sludge's weight and volume. This means that disposal costs, including transportation, are kept to a minimum.

The reason we are able to take construction dewatering, sludge dewatering, sludge removal services and lagoon sludge removal up to the next level is the fact we have the largest mobile filter press in Europe. It means we are well-equipped to take on the biggest dewatering contracts in the UK.

This giant press works by separating the sludge liquids and solids using pressure filtration with the slurry pumped into the filter press and then dewatered under pressure.

This means that no job is too big for us to handle which includes both large-scale construction dewatering or lagoon sludge removal jobs which need such specialised equipment and highly trained, experienced, staff.

We are also experts at the smaller jobs including both tank sludge cleaning and tank sludge removal.

Our dewatering process is so highly efficient that waste sludges can be converted into a dry filter-cake which can often be recycled, massively cutting down on waste disposal and transport costs.

It's pointless paying the high costs of transporting sludge-free liquid for disposal when it can often be easily reused on-site. The end result is that many of our customers reduce sludge waste and cut costs at the same time.

Often the sludge cake we produce is so hard it can even be used as aggregate and the solids-free liquid that results can also be reused on our customers' sites.

Dewatering and lagoon sludge removal need highly specialised equipment along with the skills needed for such processes and Qualitech has invested heavily in equipment such as the filter press to make us class-leaders in the industry.

If businesses try to remove the sludge themselves it could end up costing them a fortune in terms of time, transport and disposal costs.

It's impossible for industries not to create waste which must be dealt with to meet health and safety legislation yet many companies simply aren't equipped to deal with it. That's why it's best to rely on Qualitech's dewatering and sludge removal expertise which leaves many of our customers amazed at how cost-effective and environmentally-friendly it can be.

We will thoroughly inspect the site first and take a sample of the sludge away for testing so we know exactly what we are dealing with and the best way to dewater it, along with the cost and the time the sludge dewatering process will take. It’s vital that we are absolutely sure the sludge can be filtered before we start the dewatering process.

Qualitech staff will then draw up a disposal plan to fit in with our clients’ needs, how the business operates and its working hours to ensure any disruption is kept to an absolute minimum. When it comes to sludge dewatering no two businesses are the same so every plan we draw up has to be bespoke to reflect the clients’ particular needs.

Once we get started the sludge dewatering is carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible with as little impact on our clients’ operations as possible.

So for peace of mind knowing you have the right experts in the right place at the right time then rely on Qualitech Environmental Service’s enviable experience to ensure that construction dewatering, sludge dewatering, sludge removal services, lagoon sludge removal, tank sludge cleaning and tank sludge removal is all done to the top specification every time.

Dewatering is just one of the many highly specialised services offered by Qualitech Environmental Services. For more information on sludge removal, sludge dewatering, lagoon sludge removal, construction dewatering, tank sludge cleaning and tank sludge removal or any of our other services then please contact us on 01942 277277 (northern UK) or 01633 252642 (southern UK).

We have now added a new state of the art mobile jack on jack off filter press which is currently the largest mobile filter press in Europe. Click here for more details or call our office to discuss.