Industrial Vacuum Systems

DISAB industrial vacuums are the perfect solution for dust and waste removal, as well as spillage control, deep cleans and for the collection of hazardous or toxic dusts.

DISAB Vacuum Tankers are designed for application in a number of industries suitable for suction, discharge and transporting solid or liquid materials.

Whether you have wet or dry product, the Disab has a high volume suction capacity with a telescopic flexible boom system, which allows the lifting and collecting of a wide range of products both horizontally and vertically.

High Tip DISAB

Our DISAB's have a high tip barrel which enables the tank to tip into containers and decant the material in the barrel.

Like the hopper unit the barrel has a vibrating discharge and aeration system.

Vacuum Hopper Units

  • Utilising the mobile Vacuum Loading Hoppers Products and Waste can be transferred directly to Drums, IBC’s or 1 Tonne UN Approved Bags.
  • This is ideal for heavy solids like catalyst fines in oil where the product can be difficult  to package for final disposal / recycling.
  • The hopper is fitted with a vibrating discharge and aeration system to ease the discharge into containers for disposal.

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DISAB industrial vacuums are a versatile and powerful tool for a wide range of industrial cleaning and waste management applications. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient way to clean up and transport materials, DISAB industrial vacuums are the perfect solution for you.

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