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Environmental Asset Management

Environmental Asset Management

Qualitech offers a fully managed site and asset care service.

  • Security & Surveillance
  • Cleaning and Decontamination Services
  • Asset Maintenance
  • Effluent Treatment
  • Ongoing Sampling and Testing
  • Statutory Maintenance
  • Tailored Specialist Services
  • Demolition and Project Support
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While decisions are being undertaken on the future use of assets and in some cases entire sites, they require ongoing care and maintenance.  This situation can occur at the end of a Lease period when the tenant returns a site to the owner, if an asset is abandoned due to insolvency or where the owner is strategically reviewing the facility, it is not operational and not staffed with their employees.  We tailor our approach to our clients’ needs and due to the range of the core services we offer, Qualitech can be your single point of contact, offering a one stop solution to care and maintain your site and assets.  Qualitech have supported our clients in all sectors of the UK Chemical industry for the last 10 years.  We also own and operate two UK chemical facilities.

The services we offer include;

Security.  We can secure your site on a 24/7 basis with a combination of our own guards on site as well as full CCTV and remote surveillance at our state of the art security control centre based at our Head Office.

Surveillance.   Where plant and utilities control and monitoring systems are functioning and alarms activate, our fully trained staff will take the necessary action. Including mobilising the necessary resources.  We offer 24/7 emergency response.

Cleaning and decontamination services.  For our clients entire asset, both above and below ground we can provide all required services including full land remediation.

Asset maintenance.  Our clients may require some systems to be energised and fully operational.  We can perform statutory electrical inspections, maintenance of fire detection and suppression systems, asset integrity management for structures and plant and equipment to maintain its condition and ensure all required utilities remain fully operational.

Effluent treatment:  With our fleet of tankers we can remove all surface arisings from your site, for offsite disposal in our licensed liquid waste treatment facilities or we can maintain your effluent treatment facilities.  We can respond to adverse weather and deal with storm arisings.

Ongoing sampling and testing:  We can perform all process sampling and testing required on site including boreholes.

Statutory maintenance:  Where utilities are required on site e.g. compressed air and steam then pressure systems regulations will apply.  We will work with our clients to ensure that these systems are maintained fully compliant with the legislation.

Tailored specialist services:  Where there are remaining issues on site e.g. Asbestos hazards, we will work closely with our clients to fully address these and maintain compliance.

Demolition and project support:  Where focussed demolition or other projects are required for the safe continuing condition of the assets and sites Qualitech can fully support your needs.


Qualitech will partner with you for the safe and ongoing care of your assets and your site.  Whether it’s a full service offering or using any of the services listed, we guarantee to offer a competitive tailored solution aligned to your needs. 

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