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Robotic Tank and Lagoon Cleaning

Robotic Tank and Lagoon Cleaning

Hydraulic dozer for tank and lagoon de-sludging.

  • Non man entry
  • Remote submerged operation
  • Reduced confined space entry time
  • Intrinsically safe
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Hydraulically operated sludge dozers are acknowledged as safe and efficient means of de-sludging large storage tanks and lagoons.

The key benefits to the sludge dozer are:

  • Intrinsically safe, which means the dozer can operate in hazardous environments.
  • Can be broken down into its component part to allow the unit to be passed through a manway and be built within the tank.
  • Can be made as either a man ride on dozer or remotely operated. When operated remotely the man is removed from the confined space.
  • Adaptable design with options to change the operating mode - squeegee blade, digging bucket, vacuum suction are amongst some of the options.
  • Operated by a hydraulic power pack from a safe location.
  • The dozer is ideal to work with the dewatering plant where the combination of the remote dozer and a filter press or centrifuge can work together to remove and process sludges.


The size of the squeegee blade on the dozer carries out the work of multiple operators and reduces the number of operators within the confined space.

The video below shows the manoeuvrability of the dozer and the capability of the dozer to push large volumes of sludge with ease.



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