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Shot Blasting and Lining Removal

Shot Blasting and Lining Removal

Grit Blasting, Lining Removal and surface preparation

  • Non abrasive cleaning technology.
  • Surface preparation to SA 2 and SA 2.5. Hotwork and inspection standard.
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Inspection of metal surfaces or preparation of the surface for lining / painting can be achieved by using shot blasting.

This is a proven method of surface preparation and achieves "bright clean steel" or SA 2.5 finish.

Free from rust and scale (SA 2.0) can be achieved for non destructive testing (NDT) by using high pressure jetting up to 40,000psi.


Qualitech can provide non-abrasive tank lining removal using electromagnetic thermal induction technology. No mess and reduced waste.

The technology used in this type of lining removal is extremely effective and quickly removes the lining from tanks.

The lining is removed by the inducted heat which breaks down the adhesive and releases the lining from the surface.

This can be seen in this short video.