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Tanker Services, Liquid Waste, DISAB Vacuum Units

Tanker Services, Liquid Waste, DISAB Vacuum Units

Modern vehicles with fully trained and consciousness drivers.

  • Full ADR fleet
  • Specialised lined tanks for chemical storage and transportation
  • 24 hour 7 day support
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Our tanker fleet and other industrial vehicles.


If you want to know more about our tanker services then please contact us on 01942 277277 or email

The Fleet

  • For liquid waste QES have a fleet in excess of 60 tankers of 30,000 litre capacity.
    • 30,000 litre Stainless steel ADR classes 3,6,9, petroleum regulated vacuum tankers.
    • 30,000 litre rubber lined acid vacuum tankers
    • 30,000 litre glass lined vacuum tankers for corrosive materials
    • 30,000 litre aluminium vacuum tankers
    • 23,000 litre rubber lined product tanks
    • 15,000 litre rigid tankers for restricted access sites, complete with onboard jetters.

65 plate truck.JPG

  • For dry waste, or heavy sludge and solids, we have DISAB units in the fleet, able to take on loads at 8500cfm. These specialist artic units can carry 12 tonne payloads and can safely load heavy solids to fine powders with all dust being collected in cyclone dust traps. With suction capacity pulling 8500cfm and loading through 6-12 inch hoses these bespoke built tipping units are unique in terms of suction ability.
  • These units can be utilised to suck sludge and soil that would normally be considered for removal by an excavator. However, with the suction system it is possible to convey solids / sludge's from the most inaccessible locations such as tanks, interceptors or coal shafts.

High Tip DISAB

Our newest DISAB has a high tip barrel which enables the tank to tip into containers and decant the material in the barrel.

New DISAB 1.jpg

Like the hopper unit the barrel has a vibrating discharge and aeration system.

Vacuum Hopper Units

  • Utilising the mobile Vacuum Loading Hoppers Products and Waste can be transferred directly to Drums, IBC’s or 1 Tonne UN Approved Bags.
  • This is ideal for heavy solids like catalyst fines in oil where the product can be difficult  to package for final disposal / recycling.
  • The hopper is fitted with a vibrating discharge and aeration system to ease the discharge into containers for disposal.


Latest additions. 

New liquid ring tipping tanker with on board jetter has a 21t capacity for heavy sludges. The liquid ring pump is extremely powerful and bridges the gap between a conventional vacuum tanker and DISAB unit.




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