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Waste Management and Recycling Solutions

Waste Management and Recycling Solutions

Providers of Waste Management and Recycling Solutions to Industry

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  • Registered Waste Carrier and Broker
  • Waste Recycling Specialist
  • Waste Treatment Specialist
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Waste Management and Waste Disposal / Recycling

Flexibility is characteristic of our approach and we can provide waste disposal / recycling options ranging from bulk tanker, drums, IBCs, bottles to small containers. 

QES has a dedicated fleet of vehicles for waste removal of liquids, sludge's, solids and packages.

Our waste disposal / recycling facilities can treat or recycle the following:

Sludge’s, silts sediments from gullies, interceptors, catchment pits, bunds and drains

Landfill leachate

Diesel and kerosene in neat or contaminated mixtures and oily water mixtures

Paint from spray wash extraction booths and water based paint solutions

Oil filters, cartridges

Acids and Alkalis

Solvent and Petroleum Waste

Contaminated Land and Soils

Oily absorbent pads, booms rags and wipes

Activated Carbon granules

Drilling Muds

Machine cutting oils and suds oils

Every year Qualitech recycles and recovers large amounts of re-usable oil and other chemicals such as sulphuric acids and metal rich solutions ensuring environmental solutions for these hazardous wastes.

Treatment and recycling processes include:

Neutralisation of acids and alkalis

Recovery of Precious and Semi-Precious metals from Plating Solutions and Metal Bearing Sludge’s

Reduction of chromic acid/Hexavalent Chrome, metal complexes and oxidising materials

Oxidation of cyanide and sulphites

Flocculation of sludge’s and suspensions

Phase separation by filtration, centrifuge and gravity

Separation of oil by gravity and mechanical oil separation with thermal assistance


Over the years Qualitech has built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise for operating specialist waste management and recycling facilities. Our personnel are always eager to give assistance and advice when required and realise that the extensive range of waste management legislation can be difficult to understand.


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