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Fin Fan Cleaning

Fin Fan Cleaning

Low pressure cleaning of fin fans and condensers

  • Increased efficiency (increased temp delta)
  • Immediate impact on performance
  • Reduced energy consumption because of increased performance
  • No need to shut the entire system down
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A cleaning process that is eco-friendly, safe, fast and thorough. 

Regular maintenance of fin fans is vital to improving and maintaining the condenser performance.

Cleaning gives improved condenser efficiency and throughput after cleaning.

Qualitech use an environmentally friendly blast media with low pressure air to clean debris from fin fans.

The blasting is non destructive and will not damage the fins.


Before and after cleaning photos:

Before                                        After

fin-fan4.jpg fin-fan3.jpg

High pressure water jetting can damage fins and reduce their cooling efficiency.

Unlike foam cleaners or jetting there is no mess and no waste generated from the cleaning.

Depending on the fan configuration the fan can be cleaned online with no need to shut down the bank of fans ensuring that you maintain your throughput during cleaning.

Qualitech have a mobile trailer with all the equipment needed to clean fin fans. This was specifically designed to be plug and play reducing mobilisation time and ensuring once we arrive at site we are cleaning with minimal set up.